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Thee are always stories behind adoptions, rescues and fosters here at PAWS. You'll find these heartwarming stories below. Enjoy.

Delores is looking for a Forever Home
By Laura Bruck

If your idea of the perfect feline is a self-sufficient kitty who’s content to sit lazily in the window seat as you go about your day, and who accepts the occasional stroke under the chin with appropriate feline aloofness, 3-year-old Dolores is definitely not the cat for you. If, on the other hand, you’re longing for a companion whose sole purpose in life is to love and bring joy to her humans, then Dolores may well be your girl. 

It’s because Dolores bonds so closely with people that she must have been devastated when her family could no longer afford to care for her, and made the heart-wrenching decision to give her away. And while there’s no doubt that she misses her previous life and loved ones, Dolores wasted no time bonding with PAWS foster mom Irene, and showing her the ins and outs of living with a true feline star. 

Right from the start, and to Irene’s delight, Dolores made it clear that she expected to be the center of attention at all times. But unlike some pampered felines who sit and wait to be catered to, Dolores commands the spotlight by spending every moment of every day filling Irene’s life with love and laughter. Dolores is in her glory when she’s snuggled up in someone’s lap, but also enjoys amusing onlookers by tearing through the house with her favorite catnip toys. She always has something to say, and will let her humans know if their attention doesn’t come quickly enough. 

Dolores can be protective of her humans, and sometimes swipes at other animals who approach and try to interfere with her snuggling sessions. It’s for this reason that Dolores would do best as an only pet. And because she sometimes gives little love nips when she plays, a home without small children would probably be best.

Despite Dolores’ self-appointed star status, she attempts to pay her good fortune forward by helping around the house—even if that means sitting on the garbage can or dustpan while meowing for attention. And while Dolores has yet to see a computer, Irene’s guess is that she’ll likely be the kind of cat who sits on the keyboard while her human tries to type—no doubt “helping” by checking for spelling errors.

Dolores may consider herself the star of the show, but this snuggly, charming little lap cat with personality to spare wants nothing more than to share the stage with a special someone who will treasure her forever. Please contact us below if you would like to adopt Delores or click HERE.

One cold night in the middle of winter, Laura, a PAWS volunteer, received a desperate phone call from a young man standing in a parking lot in Chagrin Falls. He and his girlfriend had just found a small, black kitten who was meowing hungrily for food and warmth. They were directed to drive the kitten to the volunteer's home immediately, because a kitten outside would never survive the frigid night. The young lady tucked the kitten inside her coat to warm him and the couple raced to Lyndhurst. Upon arrival the volunteer was amazed at how friendly and purry the kitten was, dubbing him Mario (Andretti) because of his little race car purr motor. Mario was soon placed in foster mom Debra's home where he was transported for vet care and neutering, and then loved up for a few days. A local adoptothan was scheduled for the weekend and Mario was to make an appearance. He met his forever family that very day!

Jypsie and Cooper
My experience with PAWS was positive from start to finish. After seeing Jypsie and Cooper online, a bonded pair, I knew right away they would be my kitties. I sent an inquiry, and within a few hours, I received a phone call from a representative from the organization who wanted to make sure I would be a responsible pet owner (I loved this!). Shortly after that, their foster mom called and we spent an hour chatting about them. I could tell they were being loved and cared for, even though they weren't yet in their forever home. She told me all about where they were found, their medical histories, the kinds of things they liked and disliked, and how they had been coping in her home. A week later, their foster mom made the two-hour round-trip drive to our house to drop off Jypsie and Cooper. 

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend PAWS to anyone looking to adopt a pet. All of the volunteers are passionate and caring. They have a fervent interest in the well-being of all animals and they want nothing more than to find loving forever homes for all of the pets in their care. As a no-kill shelter, they believe that every precious furry life is deserving of love and affection. Consider adopting a pet from PAWS – as Jypsie, Cooper, and I can attest, it has been a truly purrfect experience! 

Theresa G.
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