Celebrating our 40 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

PO Box 24651 Cleveland OH 44124

440-442-PAWS (7297)

Public Animal Welfare Society, Inc.
​​​​PAWS Ohio
Winter is coming and we already have cold, wet and nasty weather that makes us want to curl up in a warm, dry place, eat good food and relax. But outside in the cold right now are numerous homeless kittens, cats, puppies and dogs that don't have that opportunity because all PAWS foster homes are FULL as well as space in most other local humane organizations.

We have at least 10 cats on the PAWS waiting list desperate to come indoors. We keep having to tell the caring people contacting PAWS "No vacancy!" It's the same on the dog side of PAWS. We get numerous calls and emails from desperate people trying to help desperate abandoned animals.


PAWS pays for vet care at our contracted vets, arranges numerous adoption opportunities, and can even reimburse you for food and litter if necessary. All you provide is responsible loving care and a safe, warm place to live temporarily until a forever home can be found.

​If you're interested, please complete the Foster Home Application. Someone will call you shortly after.

​If you have questions you'd like answered first, please call our Help Line at 440-442-PAWS (7297) and leave a message for Jane M. for dogs and Laura W. for cats. We will call you back.

We’re looking for more foster homes! Every day in thousands of homes across the country, foster families are quietly saving the lives of animals in need by opening their hearts and homes on a temporary basis.

Discover why some of the richest people in the world are not millionaires, they are volunteers.