PAWS Ohio - Our Mission

The Public Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1976. We are a no-kill, non-profit, 501(3)(c) organization considered to be one of Ohio’s most reputable, long-standing cat and dog humane rescue groups.

For 40 years, our Northeastern Ohio based mission has been to rescue stray and abused cats and dogs and place them in foster homes with loving, caring owners. We also provide them with medical care which includes spaying and neutering. 

And...since we're all about transparency,  you can see our IRS non-profit determination letter below. 

It's one thing to tell you that... it's another to see for yourself what PAWS does, and how our efforts affect the lives of animals and families in our area. Click below to see our Success Stories.


They are Saved... With YOUR Donations

Our job, our mission, is to rescue and find homes for our animals. We do this all year long... which means, we need your donations all year long as well. Please remember that there are animals in desperate need of your help and, for 40 years, PAWS has been there to provide that help. Everything we have done to fight against animal abuse, and to rescue, foster, heal, and find forever homes for companion animals has been possible because of your donations.

It's simple, really... we can't do this without you. Without your support, we can't provide the rescue, foster, medical or adoption services that these animals depend on. Without your support, we can't make the trips down to Columbus to continue to fight for more stringent animal abuse legislation.

Please consider a year end donation or just donate whatever you can. You will always receive a receipt for tax purposes. Also, check out our SPECIAL NEEDS ANIMALS who are in dire need of your support.

Animal Welfare Advocacy 

Have you heard of Goddard's Law? Ohio Legislation passed in July, 2016 to make it felony to abuse companion animals was championed by our Executive Director, Amy Beichler. That's her standing right behind Governor Kasich at the historic signing of Goddard's law. The four year fight to get this law passed exemplifies the passion that Amy and the PAWS organization has to protect defenseless animals and prosecute those who abuse them.

We're not done yet. The fight for new and better laws continues. We need your support! Find out more below.

Volunteering - We Need Your Help

The backbone of every non profit organization is its volunteers. PAWS is a shining example of that. We have so many volunteers who selflessly give their time and efforts to help us achieve our goals and carry on our mission to foster, heal and find forever homes for our rescues. 

We are always in need of more passionate, caring individuals to volunteer their time. If you would like to learn more about the opportunities that PAWS can offer you, please click below.


We don't have a shelter. We take rescues from the shelters, from the streets, and from abusive environments and place them in our Foster Homes. Our Foster Home Program provides temporary homes for these animals until a forever home can be found. 

The advantage of adopting a fostered animal is that we know all about them already. They have lived with us, so we know their personalities, habits, likes, and dislikes. We can help you find the perfect companion for your home, family, and lifestyle. To find out more, about the adoption process, including fees and applications, please click below.

Fosters - We Need Caring Fosters

Every day in thousands of homes across the country, foster families are quietly saving the lives of animals in need by opening their hearts and homes on a temporary basis. The PAWS Foster Home Program provides these animals with a caring, loving environment until their forever homes can be found. We take great care in choosing these foster families to make sure the animals are well cared for.

PAWS is constantly looking for more foster home volunteers to take in the rescues that we bring in.
To find out more about becoming a Foster Home Volunteer, please click below.

Special Needs - Donations

From time to time, PAWS has a very special circumstance where an animal needs very special care to recover from illness or injuries. When this occurs, we will ask for special donations specifically for that animal.

We will feature these animals on our Special Needs page every month as well as our feature special needs animal to the right. You can access our Special Needs page below.

NEW - Dog Tales

The life of Reilly: An adoption love story
By Laura Bruck

When it’s meant to be, adopting an animal is like falling in love—sometimes at first sight.  Richmond Heights residents Chip and Donna know that feeling well, as do all the rescued animals with whom they've shared their lives. And now, a lucky 10-year lab-mix....
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