Lost Pets

Every day, hundreds of companion animals stray away from their owners. PAWS would like to make sure that some of these owners have every opportunity available to spread the word about their lost pet in hopes of someone finding them and bringing them home. So, with that said, please check here often to see our lost pet list and, maybe, you will be the one to help a little lost one find its way home.

Whether you have Lost a Pet, or you just want to see all the Lost Pets in your area, you can click on the link below to go to PAW BOOST, where you can post a lost pet and see other pets who are lost. PAW BOOST helps by:

  • Alerting local shelters, rescues, vets & volunteers by email
  • Posts to the lost & found pet Facebook page for your area
  • Helps you print a lost pet flyer
  • Adds your pet to their lost & found
  • Boost your pet's alert to thousands of local people
Click HERE for more info on PAW BOOST

Click HERE to see all the Lost Pets in the Northern Ohio Area

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