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Ozzie (aka Ollie)
Beloved foster of Kathy Ranney and the McCroskey Family and beloved family of Dee, Wayne and Gator Ozzie, you brought such joy, laughter, and love to us in the few weeks we were privileged to share our home with you. You loved everyone – our dogs, our cats, and our people, and everyone loved you in return. Even one of Katie’s friends, who usually is afraid of dogs, loved you and continued to inquire about you. And you were such a great cuddler!
​You always will have a special place in our hearts.
You always were the perfect little lady, with your beautiful silver coat, loud meow, and sweet purr. Yet you could hold your own when Rocky tried to bully you. But your greatest show of courage was the last three years, when you bravely fought cancer, enduring surgery, numerous blood tests, and twice daily meds. You died as you lived – full of grace and dignity.
We miss you.

​Love, Susan, Dan, Jane, Katie
In loving memory of the precious companion of Lisa and Rand McFarland. Sanka was a therapy dog who gave so many golden moments to so many. He succumbed to cancer at the tender age of six, with his last movement being a wag of his tail.

​Lori, Joel, Allison, Sara & Emily Garmon
Rebecca Aron, In honor of your your loving mother.
Linda myers

In memory of Reilly's loving owner, Heather Bement.

In honor of Mudge Christ, a smart, spunky and inquisitive cat who will be missed dearly. His loving owner, Ginger Christ, recently wrote in memory of him: "Mudge, the cat who hid in hampers. Mudge, the midnight hunter of his stuffed animal Iguana. Mudge, the cat with the longest tail in the world -- his shark tail. Mudge, who loved to prance around the lawn on his leash. Mudge, the coolest, smartest, bravest, sweetest cuddle cat -- my best friend.

In memory of Samantha – our orange tabby that died on June 18, 2007 from cancer. She was a wonderful pet and friend that we adopted 13 years ago. We will miss her very much. Lisa & Marcus Altus

In memory of Maggie, beloved daughter of Judy and Amy. She went over the bridge July 23, 2007 in the arms of her beloved mom, Judy. Her 14 years was not nearly enough and she will be missedAshliIn memory of my 20 year old cat,

Ashli, who died on August 17, 2006.

In memory of Vera Wang and Skechers, foster kitties of Sue and Amy.

In loving memory of Lucas, our daughter’scat who died at age 10 on August 1, 2007. Most visitors never saw him, but he was a very affectionate companion to us and his older cat sister and brother. Jane and Dan McCroskey

In memory of the sweet little boy, Ernie who grabbed our hearts while we fostered him,Amy and Sue

In loving Memory of our feline son Andy. He came to us as a rescue but became part of our family. He gave us so much love and joy. We know that one day we will see Andy again, but until then he will be in our hearts and memories. 5/06 – 10/6/07
Love, Patti and Dan

Little Ivy who was with us for such a short time

In loving memory of Mommy -Although you were a part of our family living on the outside, we will truly miss you sitting at the door anxiously awaiting food and attention. “Mommy” cat, you were a sweet mother to your babies and the deck is quiet and lonely without you. I will miss you playing among the spindles and creeping in the kitchen for some love.

In loving memory and honor of Bryce, who could fly on one ear, and with love to his grieving family.

Margaret Growe

In memory of my sweet baby girl Brandi. The hardest thing I ever had to do was let you go to the bridge. You were my best friend for 11 years and I will miss you always. We love you.

Your mommy, Kelly, ​and your sisters Charley and Pebbles


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? - April 6, 2011  Age: approx.14

My rock, my sweet boy, ride-a-long dog, my companion and very dear friend. You enriched my life. Thank you, big boy, for all the years you gave me. Now, you can run like the wind, romp in the snow and play ball, free of pain, with all of your new and old friends. I love you and will sorely miss you.

Until we meet again,


In memory of Casey, dear Golden of the Garmon family. She would have been 10 years old in one more day. Casey was brave and sweet throughout her ordeal, and has been reunited with her sister, Shelby, at the Rainbow Bridge. We shall always remember her.
The Trieflers