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Daphne was trapped and examined last year as a young adult, but was determined at that time to be too feral for adoption. Instead she was ear-tipped to show she had been spayed and released back outside. This past January a PAWS volunteer brought her inside to keep her from freezing to death in the polar vortex temperatures, she was very frightened, hissing, and growling. 
Since then, she has come all the way out of her shell and become a model citizen of Indoor Cat Land. Daphne now follows me around the house, wakes me up in the morning with gentle meows to remind me it's breakfast time, runs up and butts her head against my legs, jumps on the bed to cuddle, and generally makes it hard to remember she was ever a supposedly "feral" cat.
The Public Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) was founded in 1976. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization considered to be one of Ohio’s most reputable long-standing cat and dog humane rescue groups. Our group is dedicated to the rescue of pets in Northeastern Ohio. 

Our mission is to rescue stray and/or abused cats and dogs and place them in good homes. It is a PAWS policy to adopt animals to responsible homes only in the greater Cleveland area. We provide medical care to rescued animals and foster them in our own homes. We also make sure that they are spayed or neutered so that they do not continue the cycle of births that result in more pets than homes. The advantage of adopting a fostered animal is that we know all about our adoptable pets! They have lived with us and we know their personalities, habits, likes and dislikes. We can help you find the perfect companion for your home and lifestyle! We are a no kill organization (the only time we euthanize is on the advice of a vet in order to end suffering where no hope of recovery exists). Everything we do is out of love for the animals.

Due to the over abundance of cats in our foster homes we will waive the fees of cats 1 year and older AND FIV or FeLV+ kittens and cats of any age, and accept a donation of your choice. 
Please don't wait for the holidays to add a shiny new kitty to your family. Consider adoption NOW so that we can rescue those that will be feeling the Cleveland cold all too soon. 
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COLUMBUS–  House Bill 274, known as ‘Goddard’s Law' passed the House Judiciary Committee 
​​with a vote of 9-0 .

Click here for more news on Goddards law
Join the Ohio Alliance for Animal Cruelty Reform - support Goddards Law!

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​Losing your beloved pet can be devastating, frustrating and scary all at the same time. Whether Fido took off after Alvin, Simon or Theodore, or just snuck out the door, there are a few things you can do to help bring him home safe and sound.


The Public Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) was founded in 1976. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
considered to be one of Ohio’s most reputable long-standing cat and dog humane rescue groups.
Public Animal Welfare Society Inc
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