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URGENT: Emergency funds needed for a litter of kittens who are deathly ill. This little girl and her siblings are all positive for Panleukopenia, which is to kittens like parvo is for puppies.

We here at PAWS Ohio are doing what we always do, we are treating them and praying they make it through. If you can help in anyway please do. Our philosophy here has always been that once we bring in a rescue we do everything possible to restore him/her to health until one of our partner vets tells us that it is time to let go. In Chewwie's case the doctor who is treating her says she is fighting hard to live, and we will fight for her.

Please donate to help Chewie and her littermates...

For over four years, Amy Beichler, Director of PAWS Ohio, (pictured standing to the immediate left of Governor Kasich) fought tirelessly and diligently to pass legislation to make it a FELONY to abuse companion animals. Through dozens of hearings, hundreds of phone calls, and countless hours of interacting with legislators and decision makers, Amy's hard work paid off on June 13th, 2016 with the signing of Goddard's Law. Without her, this bill would have never made it to the floor for a vote. All of us at PAWS want to thank her for her hard work and commitment to this cause. We are proud to have her as our director, our leader, and our friend. Well done, Amy. 

R. Zimmerman - Board Chairman, PAWS Ohio

Congratulations to Amy Beichler, Director of PAWS Ohio, for her Major Role in the Passage of Goddard's Law

PAWS has many events throughout the year to benefit animals and support our mission. 

We depend on donations to continue our mission and provide the care necessary to help these animals.

Please give what you can.


Public Animal Welfare Society Inc


​​​Who We Are
The Public Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) was founded in 1976. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit, no-kill organization considered to be one of Ohio’s most reputable long-standing cat and dog humane rescue groups. 

What We Do

Our Northeastern Ohio based mission is to rescue stray and abused cats and dogs and place them in good homes with loving, caring owners. Once rescued, our volunteers provide foster care for these animals until a forever home can be found. We also provide medical care including spaying and neutering for each of our fostered pets. We are also deeply involved in animal rights advocacy, working closely with legislators and other animal rights groups to bring about permanent changes in the laws that protect companion animals and punish animal abusers. 

What You Can Do

​As a non-profit organization, we depend upon volunteers to help us fulfill our mission and achieve our goals. There are numerous ways for you to help including event volunteering, monetary donations, foster care, providing hands-on care to animals, educating our community, providing administrative support and more. PAWS volunteers enjoy a deep sense of satisfaction in contributing to the health and well-being of animals while working alongside others who desire to take action on their behalf. 

Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. 
​It’s what you do for others.


Help provide loving care and a temporary, safe and warm place to live for an animal in need until a forever home can be found.

See our list of available dogs and cats needing forever homes.




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