Memorials - Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

Please take some time to read through some of our memorials for all the family pets that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. If you would like to add your pet to our page, please send us a short memorial by clicking HERE and make a donation of your choosing to help our animals in need.

In memory of River Hrovat- a big, wonderful yellow lab with an amazing, sweet heart. 
(Owners Terri and Larry of Rocky River)

In memory of Casey, dear Golden of the Garmon family. She would have been 10 years old in one more day. Casey was brave and sweet throughout her ordeal, and has been reunited with her sister, Shelby, at the Rainbow Bridge. We shall always remember her.
The Trieflers

My rock, my sweet boy, ride-a-long dog, my companion and very dear friend. You enriched my life. Thank you, big boy, for all the years you gave me. Now, you can run like the wind, romp in the snow and play ball, free of pain, with all of your new and old friends. I love you and will sorely miss you. 
Until we meet again, Mommy

In memory of my sweet baby girl Brandi. The hardest thing I ever had to do was let you go to the bridge. You were my best friend for 11 years and I will miss you always. We love you.
Your mommy, Kelly, and your sisters Charley and Pebbles

In loving memory of the precious companion of Lisa and Rand McFarland. Sanka was a therapy dog who gave so many golden moments to so many. He succumbed to cancer at the tender age of six, with his last movement being a wag of his tail.
Lori, Joel, Allison, Sara & Emily Garmon

You always were the perfect little lady, with your beautiful silver coat, loud meow, and sweet purr. Yet you could hold your own when Rocky tried to bully you. But your greatest show of courage was the last three years, when you bravely fought cancer, enduring surgery, numerous blood tests, and twice daily meds. You died as you lived – full of grace and dignity.
We miss you. Love, Susan, Dan, Jane, Katie

Ozzie (aka Ollie)
Beloved foster of Kathy Ranney and the McCroskey Family and beloved family of Dee, Wayne and Gator Ozzie, you brought such joy, laughter, and love to us in the few weeks we were privileged to share our home with you. You loved everyone – our dogs, our cats, and our people, and everyone loved you in return. Even one of Katie’s friends, who usually is afraid of dogs, loved you and continued to inquire about you. And you were such a great cuddler! You always will have a special place in our hearts. 
Rebecca Aron, in honor of your loving mother, Linda Myers

In memory of Reilly's loving owner, Heather Bement.

Mudge Christ - a smart, spunky and inquisitive cat who will be missed dearly. His loving owner, Ginger Christ, recently wrote in memory of him: "Mudge, the cat who hid in hampers. Mudge, the midnight hunter of his stuffed animal Iguana. Mudge, the cat with the longest tail in the world -- his shark tail. Mudge, who loved to prance around the lawn on his leash. Mudge, the coolest, smartest, bravest, sweetest cuddle cat -- my best friend.

In memory of Samantha – our orange tabby that died on June 18, 2007 from cancer. She was a wonderful pet and friend that we adopted 13 years ago. We will miss her very much. Lisa & Marcus Altus

In memory of Maggie, beloved daughter of Judy and Amy. She went over the bridge July 23, 2007 in the arms of her beloved mom, Judy. Her 14 years was not nearly enough and she will be missedAshliIn memory of my 20 year old cat, 

In memory of Ashli, who died on August 17, 2006.

In memory of Vera Wang and Skechers, foster kitties of Sue and Amy.

Kurt first came to us as a foster. We couldn’t give him up so we adopted him. He was so sweet and loved to play. All too soon we were told he was very sick and wouldn’t last much longer. Kurt left us at only 9 months. It is harder than we could ever imagine. Kurt we miss you so much and will always love you.
Love, Patti, Dan, all the cats and dogs

We are thankful to have Jake as part of our family! He enjoyed our hunt for the perfect Christmas tree! (Second only to the White House tree find!). He has really turned into a daddy’s boy (Kathryn & I prefer to think it’s only because Bill’s office is in our house & he bribes Jake with treats!)

In loving memory and honor of Bryce, who could fly on one ear, and with love to his grieving family.
Margaret Growe

In memory of Kartrina. Beloved leader of our pack. Faithful and true.

In memory of Frederick W. Beering who loved animals.

In loving memory of Lucas, our daughter’s cat who died at age 10 on August 1, 2007. Most visitors never saw him, but he was a very affectionate companion to us and his older cat sister and brother. 
Jane and Dan McCroskey

In memory of the sweet little boy, Ernie who grabbed our hearts while we fostered him.  - Amy and Sue

In loving memory of our feline son Andy. He came to us as a rescue but became part of our family. He gave us so much love and joy. We know that one day we will see Andy again, but until then he will be in our hearts and memories. 
Love, Patti and Dan

Little Ivy who was with us for such a short time

In loving memory of Mommy. Although you were a part of our family living on the outside, we will truly miss you sitting at the door anxiously awaiting food and attention. “Mommy” cat, you were a sweet mother to your babies and the deck is quiet and lonely without you. I will miss you playing among the spindles and creeping in the kitchen for some love.

In Loving Memory of Morgan and Jack Townsend who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2008. Beloved Golden children of Robyn and Grand Dogs of Kathy Ranney. They are missed by all, especially by their brother, Dooney. They will always be in our hearts.

Micki Grace
A wonderful little girl who was rescued on July 4, 2010. She was found under a car at a McDonald’s, thus her name. Thrown out, unwanted, PAWS brought her in and Micki found her forever home with Leslie and Roger. They loved her deeply, completely, and are overwhelmed by the loss of this wonderful girl. Rainbow Bridge is a better place now, but Micki will be missed by the ones that loved her. Thank you, Roger, and Leslie for giving this wonderful lady seven months of devoted love.

Annie Fan, Fannie Mae, Annie Banana, all the silly pet names I called her has been summoned to the rainbow bridge today. She was my child, my conscience, my deputy, and my confidante. She set an example of dignity and acceptance for all the foster dogs I have had through the years. She was a rambunctious, unruly puppy, but became my right hand. I could depend on her to keep the squirrels, ground hogs, and raccoons away, but be sweet to my cats and an excellent role model for many dogs. I will miss her terribly and it will not seem that life is right without her. Good luck old girl. 
You will be sorely missed. - Meg 

I had to let Brindley go today. She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) of the hip 6 weeks ago today. She was given 1 to 2 months to live and we made the best of those 6 weeks. I worked as much as I could at home and cut back on most of my extra-curricular activities. It was time well-spent with her. We took short walks almost every day – she was so cute and very adept at hopping along on her 3 good legs. She continued to gobble her food and Frosty Paws until yesterday, which I think was her way of letting me know it was time to let her go. Karen went with me to the vet today and we both held her and I looked into her eyes the whole time telling her how much I loved her. She passed quickly and very peacefully. My heart is broken but I am at peace because I know she is.

Orange Tabby Kitten
In loving memory of an orange tabby kitten that passed away before he could receive the help he needed. I only met him once but he made a big impression on me. There may not be any photos of him but he existed and will be remembered. Patti and Dan Mollie

To Jenna Wozolek. A donation was made to PAWS Ohio in memory of Orson.  

In loving memory of Mollie, our Golden Retriever, who earned her wings on September 28th, 2009. It’s so much easier to leave than to be left behind, Mollie. We miss you and look forward to the day you come running up to us when we cross The Bridge with your big Golden smile and your ears flapping. You will probably have a pair of our socks in your mouth to show us! Thanks for 11 wonderful years!
Lots of love, Dad TJ. Mom Joy, Cady, Jessie, Delilah, Izzie and Lily Rose.

In very loving memory of the best-looking guy in Cleveland Hts. Norm Kiner. I will miss you at our “lunches out” more than I can say. You and Drinda were the ones who taught me not only everything I know about taking good care of rescue kitties, but also about how to be there when needed. You will be much-missed by everyone who was so lucky to know you. I know you've gotten special permission from The Guy upstairs to hang out at The Bridge with all those kitties who love you as much as we do. When we get up there to pick up the ones we love, you’ll greet us with that great smile, a big hug and a funny anecdote. God Bless, Norm. We love you very much

She lived a long and happy life and passed away at the age of 15. We were there when she was born and we were honored to be there at the end. She was a feisty kitten and a sweet and loving adult. Ten will be very missed by all who knew her. We wish we had her longer but now she is healthy and young again. We know she is up at the Rainbow Bridge waiting with all our animals that came before her. Ten we love and miss you
The Hunt, Witkowski, Whitticar and Deweese families

You will be forever missed. I had you for almost 12 WONDERFUL years. You were my first beagle, and I thank you for all the happiness that you brought me. . SOMEDAY WE WILL MEET AT RAINBOW BRIDGE AND I WILL SHOWER YOU WITH LOT’S OF LOVE, HUGS AND KISSES.- YOUR FOREVER MOMMY,MARIE WilmaWilma was a wonderful foster kitten. She was so sweet and loved to be held. We only had her for couple of weeks when we lost her but we loved her so much. She touched our hearts so much. We will never forget her. 
Love Patti, Dan, all the cats and dogs

Donnie brightened our family on August 7, 2009 when Paul brought Donnie home to us. It’s amazing how quickly we adjusted to Donnie and more importantly how quickly he adjusted to us! I can talk forever about how much joy he brought to our family…whether it was Donnie barking at and chasing birds in the yard, playing with my vacuum when I ran it (that always got the kids laughing hysterically), just saying “walk”, “eat”, “cookie”, “let’s go”…those were his favorite words!! He was a true family dog in such a very short time with us. We are so saddened by his passing, but focus on the time we shared with him and most importantly the happiness we saw in his eyes. Donnie overcame horrible obstacles in his first 5 years or so, but he also got to see what life should really be like for a dog!! Donnie left our family on July 31, 2010 and may he rest in peace and be free from any pain or sickness…we love you, Donnie!

Murphy, you were the perfect one. Could always count on you. Gentle and steady was your way In whatever you chose to do. You were the Golden of Goldens, So many of us chose your breed Hoping for beauty and sweetness, And personality guaranteed. You listened to all my many commands, Obeying them was a breeze. Not because you were so smart, But because you aimed to please. Murphy, you were a great survivor, Six years of Lymphoma remission, Nearly blind and almost deaf, But never out of commission. You chased thrown balls, and loved to swim, Obedience was your game. You worked so hard at Utility, And earned the title’s fame. When in the ring or on the stage, You always made me proud, Except, of course, when you ad libbed To find grandma in the crowd. Beloved by all Summerville, A therapy dog to the end, Murphy, we love you and won’t forget You were everyone’s special friend.
Carol, Dan, Lisa and Lori

In fond and loving memory of Bailey

Mr. B - beloved companion of the Davis family and all others who knew him. We will cherish the memories with which you have provided us over the years, and know that you will be watching us from Above, sitting in Grandfather's lap. We we will always love you.

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