Special Needs Animals

Nokie has a past history of hind limb paralysis as well as urinary tract issues due to the paralysis. It was found that his urethra was torn and had a large amount of urine in his abdomen. This little guy has had emergency surgery as well as some other minor procedures over the course of a few weeks. He is doing well and is quite the little fighter. Foster mom and PAWS never gave up on him. On the way home from the hospital he got to stop for some ice cream. He still has a long recovery ahead. Donations are welcomed for his medical care.
Frankie’s hind limbs are not functional. Consequently he cannot walk like a regular cat and is incontinent. Despite his disabilities, Frankie is healthy, playful and affectionate. He scoots around and plays like a kitten. He keeps up with the other cats, and even the dog, that live in his foster home. A kind friend of PAWS, Craig, asked if he could sponsor Frankie by donating something special for this special boy to improve his quality of life. He generously donated the funds to make it possible for Frankie to receive an MRI as well as a CT scan at MedVet Akron....something rescues are hard pressed to find funds for. He also donated a custom made cart to help him run faster than an Olympic sprinter!! 

Mandy is a very special girl who needs a quite mature home with very little if any changes in her future family’s daily routine. You see, Mandy is blind. Consequently she needs time to adjust to her environment including finding her litterbox, the food dish and water bowl. Because we do not know what causes Mandy’s blindness, her future family will need to pay close attention to potential health issues associated with blind cats and provide the necessary vet care accordingly. Mandy had a sad story prior to coming to PAWS. Mandy was pregnant as a blind stray cat who was taken in by her caretaker. Mandy gave birth to one kitten but was not spayed. The caretaker’s family has two other cats. 

Being blind and overwhelmed by the presence of other cats, Mandy occasionally missed the litterbox. On a cold winter night, Mandy was thrown out of the house by her caretaker’s husband, after an accident outside the litterbox. Luckily her caretaker notified someone, who rescued Mandy from the back of a dumpster nearby the caretaker’s house. Eventually Mandy was transferred to PAWS. Under the care of PAWS, Mandy received the much-needed vet care, which includes a dental. In her foster home, Mandy stays in a blind-cat friendly room, where she uses the litterbox consistently. 

Mandy is very affectionate with people and loves to be held and petted. Mandy however is easily startled by other animals, loud noises and will hide when overwhelmed. Therefore Mandy will do best as the only pet living in a blind cat-friendly environment. 
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