Special Needs Animals

Meet the newest member of team PAWS, Francisco Lindor McSnugglebuns, aka Frankie! This 4 week old baby was found by good Samaritans in East Cleveland they called PAWS for help thinking that he may have been attacked by an animal. Our Associate Director rushed over, grabbed him and drove him straight to a partner vet.  Their initial findings were that he was probably born with spina bifida because while he has mobility of his rear legs and tail, he doesn't have the muscle development needed to support his one pound frame. Frankie was covered in fleas so he was given a bath (which he hated) and then snuggled in a warm towel (which he loved) until he fell asleep.  On October 9th, Frankie began steroid medication to try and relieve any inflammation in his hindquarters and will be seen again by a PAWS partner vet this week for a more comprehensive examination. Frankie is not in pain or distress, he doesn't even seem to know that he's 'different', he just scoots along... We hope to rehabilitate Frankie and either see him regain more mobility or train to use a cart if his mobility does not improve. Just like his namesake, Francisco Lindor McSnugglebuns is a champion who doesn't give up and we are not giving up on him either.  

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